About Us

Welcome to Portal of Games!

Our website hosts games that you can play as much as you’d like without ever paying a dime, and we’re one of the largest such sites online. This kind of site may not be unique, but we distinguish ourselves by providing you with information that saves you time and helps you play great games sooner.

Portal of Games

We’re a portal, which means that we provide you access to great games available throughout the Internet. Many are hosted here, but many are hosted offsite as well. In a lot of cases, you won’t even notice thanks to the magic of the Web. We want our game library to cater to everyone, so we’ll never avoid a particular kind of game. Our site even offers one of the largest collections of free-to-play slot machines available anywhere online.

A Massive Collection of Games

Most software developers who make instant play games for the Web and mobile devices are transitioning to HTML5 because it allows for building games that work across a wide range of devices easier. We host a lot of legacy games as well, which means Adobe Flash, Java and other technologies. There are thousands of games on our site. If you’re using an iPhone or an Android smartphone, there are some games that simply won’t work on your device. Our site does a great job of detecting your platform and filtering out the games you simply can’t play.

An Even Bigger Directory of Offsite Games

Web and mobile games aren’t limited to one-and-done experiences any longer. Many of these are games you’ll want to keep coming back to. Many of them are also quite complex. Free-to-play once meant low-quality, but now some of the biggest names in the industry have embraced F2P. Consider DC Universe Online. DCUO is the kind of game that belongs in our collection but simply isn’t something we can host here. Nevertheless, we include it, and our site will always warn you when you’re about to leave it and enter another service.

Our Reviews and User Reviews

An important way we distinguish ourselves from other gaming portals is associating user reviews with the games we host and link to. If you want to search tower defense games but limit the results to games that scored 80 percent or better with the community, you can do that. When our staff reviews a game, you can be sure they actually play it, and the best reviewers and content creators from our community get spotlighted on the appropriate game pages.

Game Information Galore

Each game we host or link to also has its own wiki section assigned to it. In many cases, these sections are bare because the community simply doesn’t care about the game. In other cases, the game engages the community, and you’ll discover guides, walkthroughs and other kinds of articles. This is where staff content is maintained as well once it leaves the front page, but staff content doesn’t get preferential treatment, so user content can always rise to the top.