Mende: comics, DVD, manga, vinyl, video games…, a second-hand shop opens in town

After the avenue des Gorges-du-Tarn, Olivier Sanchez continues the adventure in the rue du Soubeyran.

This Tuesday, June 2nd, is the big day. The big day for bars and restaurants, but also for Olivier Sanchez. After three years of adventure in the Eco-cash of the avenue des Gorges-du-Tarn, the two managers take different roads. And Olivier Sanchez puts his shelves in the shop left vacant by the closure of the women’s fashion brand Tocade.

The closure due to coronavirus has precipitated by a week the final curtain of the old store. And plunged Olivier Sanchez into some administrative complications: “We think we’ll have time to do the paperwork, but in fact, the transplant did not work normally.” He will have had time to take stock of his stock.

Video games, DVDs, manga, books, CDs, vinyls have now taken their place in the new premises, as well as comics, Olivier Sanchez’s favourite subject.

With a change in size, a location in the city centre, which delights him: “I’m getting good feedback. People are happy that a store is reopening. It’s moving the center. And here I’ll see more pedestrians walking past the store.”

The new adventure begins this Tuesday. “When you move and reopen a shop, there are always worries,” he admits. You put so much effort into a business. You give yourself the means to make it succeed.

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